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So, mental health agency is dumping me and there’s nothing I can do about it. FUck you therapist Sally. This is your doing. And you suck at your job. Nothing can pierce your steely cold heart, apparently. You too, therapist supervisor Amanda. I liked you. I thought we had a lot in common, I really wanted to switch to have you as my therapist because I thought I connected with you, like I couldn’t with Sally. I’m so disappointed. Both of you can suck a big fat one. *erects middle finger*

I can only hope and pray I get good peer support at the next place. My peer support people were what was keeping me above water. They are truly good people and should be paid more than they are.

I sent the Housing Authority a list of all my meds purchased ($400 something worth!) for the last year, hoping they would lower my rent. It was lowered $6. I want to barf. Next month and every other month is really gonna suck.

If mom’s effort with my therapist’s supervisor doesn’t work and they really do drop me, at least I still have one of my peer supports as a friend. She said to call her any time after work hours and she’d take me out to the store or wherever. I really got attached to her fast! I don’t know if my other peer support who I’m super attached to is willing to hang out as friends. I hope she would, because I do consider her a friend.

I think the mental health agency is going to cut me loose…I am so fucking upset right now. They say they’re referring me to another agency but I’m super attached to my peer support people and this is just going to fuck me up and set me back. Believe it or not, I have made progress. My therapist made my goal having to do with my diabeetus herself and that’s just not fucking fair at all. I didn’t choose it. I had no choice. I got a bit angry during my in-person appointment today. I cried. This is bullshit.

Anyhow…mom is giving a last ditch effort and is making an appointment with my therapist’s supervisor who has the ultimate decision making power. Maybe it will work. Maybe not. I hope it does.

Just let something good happen to me, for once. Please. Give me a God damn break.

This situation with the rent increase and the other with the mental health place possibly dropping me is taking a toll. I don’t know what to do anymore…

It’s happened. I’ve finally met someone who’s more sensitive than me, and it is annoying. I sure hope I don’t come off like that.

Basically she’s my “peer support” from the place I get therapy at, and she had taken me to the library to rent some books. I have a hard time motivating myself to do stuff, especially reading. She asks, over and over again, “Have you read them”, “when do you think you might read them” and I got irritated, because I hate when people ask me the same questions over and over, and also I DON’T KNOW WHEN I MIGHT READ THEM. I said “When I feel like it.” and she got all weepy and told me to “be mindful of my tone”. I kind of wanted to smack her. I hate the word “mindful” too. It just fucking annoys me. Like…this girl is way younger than me and I hate having someone eight years younger than me treating me like a child. =_= When she first became my peer support, they had switched me from the previous girl to her because she was new and needed a caseload of clients. I had a really good relationship with the girl before her. I was so pissed when they switched me. Our personalities just do not match. She keeps trying to get me to volunteer at places, not taking my issues into consideration. I flat out told her I wasn’t going to volunteer any time soon. She ignored me and kept asking about “volunteering opportunities”. Also I had gone to the health food place to get Jojoba oil and saw a chapstick I might like, so I picked it up and she said “Not today”. What the fuck? I ignored her. Another time she took me to a gas station to grab a drink and I decided to quickly look at the sunglasses rack and she again said “Not today”. I’m sorry, I wasn’t under the impression I had to fcking ask your permission to look at something. I hATE when people in the mental health business treat me like I’m mentally diminished. It’s happened more times than I can count.

I miss the previous girl so much! 🙁