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Soooo…I might possibly be moving back to the previous apartment complex I lived in. My rent went up AGAIN. $20 this time. Might not seem like a lot but it is. It adds up. It’s only been since June that they raised it $100. I have a bad feeling it’s going to happen again and again. I guess I’ll go put my application in there in the next couple of days. That place has a drug problem which kind of worries me but it was going on when I lived there before although I heard it got worse since I left. I don’t know if I can find another income based place. That seems to be the cheapest one around. 😔

The stuff I ordered from Yesstyle is taking forever to get here. I ordered it on October 28 or 29th and another a few days later. One of them hasn’t shipped yet and the other is languishing somewhere in Georgia, waiting for the usps to pick it up. It’s been that way on the tracker for days.

I love Posket figures. They are so well made and beautiful! I want this Black Jack figure as soon as I can afford it. They cost around 29-30$.

Otherwise I did not have a great day. Some context: a couple years ago, moms hairstylist talked me into remaking her website. I declined at first, saying that I was not a professional and that she should not expect a professional experience with me. She said she understood that and gradually bugged me until I said okay, I’ll do it. My compensation was free permanent makeup, eyes and eyebrows. It generally costs $800 for that. Anyhow I made her a really nice WordPress-based website with a $100 theme, even. I took great care to make sure it was nice and aesthetically pleasing. I got the first bit of my makeup done and it fucking HURT but that’s okay, beauty is pain and all that. Anyhow, her moron of a husband inserted himself into the design aspect and said some of the stupidest shit that’s ever come out of a mouth, he thinks he knows what he’s doing but he does NOT, believe me. He kept sending me these incredibly designed websites for salons in the Charlotte area that I absolutely could not replicate and I was just stumped, because she had told me my design was plenty good enough. Anyhow her rocket scientist husband goes in and DELETES my hard work into oblivion. I was fucking astonished. I was so angry I just..quit talking to them. I told their daughter in law (my hairstylist) how big of a mistake I made in accepting her offer. Things just kind of stalled after that and my makeup didn’t get finished. A good while later, mom talked to her and she said she’d finish it for $400. Ha. I didn’t have that kind of money and also that wasn’t fucking fair, I MADE YOUR FUCKING SITE. It’s not my fault your husband is an idiot! Anyhow more time went by. I decided I wanted my makeup finished for my Xmas present, so mom talked to her today while getting her hair done. Well, she said it would be $800. She claims the price of her materials has gone sky high, which I don’t believe for a hot second because $800 is her original price. I was supposed to get a deal. Hell, Maybe the price of her materials have gone up, but she’s a damn liar and cheater.

Anyhoo. Mom said she might just go ahead and pay the $800 which is absurd. I said I’ll fucking find someone else to do it even if it costs the same because I don’t want that lying bitch to benefit from her money and business. She doesn’t deserve a penny.

They purport to be good, born again Christians, but they lie and cheat! Funny how that seems to be a common thing around here. 🤨