I’m a night owl. I am usually up at 2-3 AM. Well, last night, I was just sitting here watching tv around 3 am, and suddenly I hear banging at the front door. Very aggressive. I froze. More banging, and then the yelling started. “HEY! HEY!”. I called my parents and dad immediately started getting dressed to come over here. I cautiously made my way to the door and looked through the peephole. White guy with a red shirt. As soon as I looked through the peephole, he yelled again, scaring the everloving shit out of me. I tiptoed back into the livingroom and told mom I was calling the cops. Then, the guy started throwing rocks at all my windows. The lady on 911 heard them hitting and she was trying to comfort me.

They actually beat dad to my place. They caught him quite easily and I kept peeking out the door to see if I could see anything, but I could not.

Turns out the guy was deaf and the cops couldn’t communicate effectively with him, so they took him in and I imagine found someone who could sign to find out what his fucking malfunction is. Today I learned he had the WRONG FUCKING ADDRESS. I mean, at least I wasn’t the target? And he probably won’t come back. So that’s good. The property manager was fucking PISSED. He got to the bottom of it fast. I guess the guy will probably be banned from the property.

I have never been so fucking scared in my time of living alone, I was shaking and sweating and could barely talk. I honestly thought I was going to be raped or murdered. So thanks, psycho guy, for putting the fear of God in me! 😀