Man, I couldn’t sleep last night. The plot bunnies were running circles in my head and I had to write down notes, lest I forget! I got a lot more framework for my story, which will (hopefully) become an online comic. I mean, I’ve only been working on this story & it’s characters for TWENTY ONE YEARS. Since I was 14 years old! I never got too far on the story and I’m still tweaking my characters after all this time! I am woefully bad at writing, you’d think I never picked up a thesaurus. I wish someone would help me out with the story but all my friends are pretty busy, one with her own comic. I just wish I had someone to run the dialogue by, and help me refine it.

Otherwise…I discovered I can indeed wear size 2XL shirts comfortably. At least the ones from Hot Topic. I usually get 3XL because I’m paranoid and don’t like tight shirts. SO I’ve basically been on a tshirt binge from Hot Topic. I finally found a Junji Ito shirt. I got Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyasha, Shingeki no Kyojin, Linkin Park and Korn shirts. Woo! *burns money*