I am starting to suspect peer support girl doesn’t wash her hands when she uses the bathroom. I usually let her use my guest bathroom (this girl pees A LOT), so this grosses me out majorly. So today I took my “Wash your hands ya filthy animal” sign from the master bathroom and put it in there. I hope this will get my point across.

She doesn’t think I can do anything on my own. She has asked twice now if my mom gives me my money. No, I have my own income, thanks. She asked if I have a payee. No, I do not. After I bought a pair of sunglasses, she asked how my mom feels when I “buy extra things”. My mother’s feelings about my buying a pair of cheap sunglasses is not relevant, because it is my money. I have no agency according to her. Once again treating me as someone who is mentally diminished. I am not.

I went to an Urgent Care tonight for this stupid ear ache! It started as a jaw pain a month or two ago and gradually went to my ear. It hurts but they called in some eardrops for me which I can pick up tomorrow. She said it should start working for the pain within the same day. I missed the superbowl completely tonight. At least I got wings and chips & dip!

Just ordered a PS4 from Gamestop. It’s about time I upgraded from my 2. 😀

Holy shit. Mom had a random attack of vertigo driving down the mountain. I had to grab the steering wheel and keep her from driving into oncoming traffic. I eventually got her to pull over and she was messed up. I was really worried! I had to drive the rest of the way down the mountain, through town (which I really don’t like to do) and to get some food. I’m a pretty good, careful driver and she actually said she was proud of me for being calm and taking control.

I told her I didn’t want her to drive home after getting to my apartment but she’s stubborn and drove home herself. I made her text me when she got home. I was so relieved. But I still worry about her driving by herself. What if I hadn’t been there? Would she have hit a car coming head on? I don’t even want to think about it. >_>


Peer support girl is getting on my nerves again. Yesterday I woke up feeling like garbage, and asked her not to come that day and she argued with me for like 3 minutes. Dude. Just say “okay, I won’t come today.” It’s not that friggin hard. I had to cancel my therapy appointment too. I’ll probably go next Monday and I’ll probably ask my therapist to go ahead and have them switch my peer support person. I had told her to hold off on it before, but I’m kinda done now.

I made ramen a little bit ago and the fucking bowl is cracked and it leaked everywhere. =_=;

Currently trying to make plans for an animation I want to make. It’s basically an animated picture, not a complete animation. Just a drawing with animated effects. I’m trying to figure out where to start on that.

Oh, and Oscar put his foot in my mouth. *spits repeatedly*

Note to Cat: me making kissy noises is not an invitation to lick me in the mouth.


I caved and got Discovery Plus. It has a ton of old shows I used to watch, which is really cool. Only thing that sucks is they don’t have Live PD. 🙁

Anyhow, I’m concerned that Oscar’s pneumonia has come back because he’s snorting and sneezing a lot. I’m definitely taking him to the vet.

And I’ve all but given up on my donut. I’m just going to start from scratch.

Microsoft’s “support” is about as useful as a tit on a broomstick.

I’m up early, so I decided to fire up Blender and see if I could progress on my donut….I’m going to cry

I just cannot get anywhere with this thing

Finally got it to change colors in sculpt mode, so I guess that’s…something.


Just bought this piece of art:

From NeonTalk!