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Went out for Japanese last night, it was yummy. One thing though…there was a guy there who couldn’t keep his pants up. He literally could not. I saw his whole ass 30+ times. The whole thing. No underwear. He was going in and out of the place over and over, I don’t know what the hell he was doing. He had a screaming kid too. Invest in a belt, dude.

Oh yes, I bought an old Dreamcast and four games! I have such fond memories of my Dreamcast. It quit working around 2007-ish.

Well, I went out with peer support girl today, entirely against my will… I was in pain because of the swollen lymph node in my jaw and was grumpy and tired. We went to eat someplace even though she obviously doesn’t like taking me to eat. We got into a small argument over me getting an alcoholic drink, she said I couldn’t because of company rules and I commented that that is stupid, but I didn’t get my drink. Anyhow after a back and forth, I wound up telling her she’s not as fun as previous girl and she said “I’m NOT previous girl” and I said “I KNOW.” Then she was like “Be miiiiiiindful of your speeeech” and I said “Oh God, with the MINDFUL again. Here we goes.” and put my head in my hands because FUCK she’s annoying. She got all weepy and I was like Oh God, whatever I don’t care anymore.

Things calmed down from there. Also mom had spoken to her about the handwashing thing and she said she would wash them, but I don’t really care now because she’s getting switched. She can go be nasty in someone else’s house.

Also she has the worst taste in music I have ever heard. Boring as fuck. I can’t stand when she has the music on in her car, she listens to Youtube playlists and I never know what horrible thing will come on next. It’s like Russian roulette.

I just do not deal well with overly sensitive people. I really don’t. It may sound like I’m the mean one, but YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON.

I should also mention I have never had a problem with any of my past peer supports, and I’ve had a bunch over the years. She’s the only one.

I got my PS4 yesterday! I was trying to set it up and my phone rang, it was peer support girl. I didn’t answer because I was busy and why is she calling so late? I sometimes ignore her calls because she calls at stupid times when I’ve previously asked her not to call me, and I might be a little bit of an asshole too. Hmm. Anyways, a few minutes later she shows up at my door and proceeds to bug me for about a half hour. I was paranoid of the hand-washing thing and cringed when she touched my stuff. Now I feel like I need to wipe everything down with a clorox wipe. >_>; I swear I had terrible anxiety about her pee-hands being on my stuff as I was trying to sleep last night. I’m a huge germophobe and that’s a nightmare scenario. I think she’s one of those “BuT i DoN’t WaNt To WaSh ThE gOoD bAcTeRiA oFf” people. I’m sorry for rambling on about this and her, but like I said, I had terrible anxiety and need to vent it out. I know I might sound like a super bitch but…that’s what a fucking blog is for, isn’t it? 😐

Anyhoo. PS4 is awesome. Played some Soulcalibur (Kilik ♥) and called it a night. I got some games for my 3DS which I can’t freaking find and a couple of cartridges for my mini Genesis, which I also haven’t yet found.

I unpacked all my books (yes, I’m just getting around to doing this lol) and started some on the movies.

Wash your goddam hands.

Holy shit. Mom had a random attack of vertigo driving down the mountain. I had to grab the steering wheel and keep her from driving into oncoming traffic. I eventually got her to pull over and she was messed up. I was really worried! I had to drive the rest of the way down the mountain, through town (which I really don’t like to do) and to get some food. I’m a pretty good, careful driver and she actually said she was proud of me for being calm and taking control.

I told her I didn’t want her to drive home after getting to my apartment but she’s stubborn and drove home herself. I made her text me when she got home. I was so relieved. But I still worry about her driving by herself. What if I hadn’t been there? Would she have hit a car coming head on? I don’t even want to think about it. >_>


Microsoft’s “support” is about as useful as a tit on a broomstick.

I’m up early, so I decided to fire up Blender and see if I could progress on my donut….I’m going to cry

I just cannot get anywhere with this thing

Finally got it to change colors in sculpt mode, so I guess that’s…something.


Just bought this piece of art:

From NeonTalk!

The icing could cut a bitch


my donut is taking shape…slowly

Here it is so far.

Isn’t it beautiful? XD



Oh God, peer support girl can’t even handle listening to Rage Against the Machine because they said “fuck” in a song. LMAO I mean it’s okay to not like cursing but when you literally can’t handle listening to a song? I actually laughed when she turned it off, just couldn’t stop myself. If you spent time with her you’d laugh too. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells to not offend her, but it’s getting old and my bitchiness is leaking out. If I blew on this girl she’d fly away. I’m a pretty meek and timid person until I get to know someone and I feel like a fucking grizzly bear next to her. I don’t like it. I feel mean for saying all this stuff, but I need to vent!

I asked my therapist to put in a request to change peer supports, hopefully back to my previous girl. I’m hoping. *crosses fingers*