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Happy new year!! 🎆 let’s hope this one’s better than the last two! 😊

Also, R.I.P. Betty White.

I got dad this shirt:

And mom this sleep mask:

Dad is obsessed with SpaceX and the starship, so I know he’s gonna love it. Unfortunately it won’t be here for Christmas, but last years present came late too so…he’s used to it XD Mom wanted a sleep mask and I tried to find a cute one that wasn’t over-the-top.

My wig from Yesstyle came and I’m gonna return it, because it’s the wrong color and not even really wavy like the photo showed. It was this one:

🙁 I’m gonna try another one (different brand) and hopefully it’s more like it’s pictured.

I bought a new toaster (4 slots! I had bought bagels and cream cheese and then remembered I didn’t have a toaster anymore lol) and a sandwich maker at Roses. And then I went batshit and bought ALL THE JUICE. I got myself some Sunny D. Do you know how long it’s been since I had Sunny D? OVER TWENTY YEARS. It’s the holiday season and I’m gonna drink some motherfuckin’ juice. I know that’s unhealthy and irresponsible because diabeetus, but yeah. I’ll just be sugary for a while. I know I’m a dumbass, you don’t have to tell me D:

I hate people. I really do. There is an extra warm place in hell for people who do shit like this. Hope they get a pineapple shoved up their ass everyday by satan himself. Because if there is a hell, the human skidmarks that did this to a puppy will wind up there, preferably sooner than later. Hope they choke on their own blood 😘

Was that mean? Yes. Pardon me if I have no sympathy for people (I use that word very lightly here) who behead puppies. 💅

RIP 🪦 Anne Rice 😢

Went to a cool, very artsy shop and got the coolest painting ever. It’s by a local artist who moved here from Japan. I called it “yakuza cat” when I first saw it 🤗 I actually had to put it on layaway because its was $150!! I made a $25 payment today, and luckily they don’t have a minimum payment and give you all the time you need to pay it off. It’ll take me months lol

Anyhow I took a pic:

Happy belated Hallowe’en! What did I do? I went to my parents house and we made wings. That’s what we do for every special occasion, pretty much. They were super delicious 🤤

Anyhow. I’ve been amassing makeup, mostly from Ulta and Yesstyle, which has all the Korean and Japanese beauty products you could ever want. I want a pair of circle lenses too. I’m looking for the best place to get those. And Yesstyle has SO many beautiful wigs. I plan on getting one or two soon. I haven’t worn a wig in quite a while, I always have issues with the wig cap riding or rolling up on my head. These are my favorites:

Obviously I like grey and brown and wavy ones.

Of course my apartment wasn’t inspected today. I have to get up at nine again tomorrow to wait for them 😒 Come the fuck on, people.

I am really just in a lousy mood, partly because I had an argument with mom. We just cannot get along these days. I know exactly why, but she won’t listen to me 🤷‍♀️ Oh well!

Godmom died this morning at 7:55. Her heart just stopped. My mom is so torn up. I am too, but this was her best friend.

The n95’s I ordered still haven’t come, there was some sort of shipping delay and they will be delivered on the 22nd. I’m so paranoid and want them NOW, for my mom so she doesn’t contract this evil bastard of a virus. Fuck fuck FUCK this goddamned virus. Fuck it to hell.

Please, if you’re vulnerable, get the motherfucking vaccine. It could prevent shit like what we’ve been going through. I just don’t want anyone else to die, even though many more will, regardless…

I inspections started today and of course they didn’t come to my apartment so I have to wait up to three more fucking days for this shit to be over. I gad to get up at 9 which is really early for me considering I don’t really sleep at night. I had to lie on the couch and wait for someone to knock. No one came. So I have to do the same thing tomorrow. It’s like my neighbor said, you can’t just live your fucking life, like cooking or taking a shower in case you leave a little water or get something on your stove|oven. Gotta be paranoid about this shit too. I don’t want any markdowns, but I’ll probably get at least one because I can’t reach the fan to change the lightbulbs, and one is out. I told you they were fucking picky. Also any pets are supposed to be in a kennel but it takes two people to get Oscar into his, because he’s big, heavy, and struggles a lot, and someone has to hold it upright so I can lower him in. So what the hell am I supposed to if they get here before mom has a chance to help me get him in his kennel? Will I get marked down for that too? Bah.

I found a solution to the rent problem so I probably don’t have to move. I might, though, just to get away from these goddamn inspections. 😒

Me: *lying in bed watching ghost videos*
Video: *shows particularly horrifying ghost*
Me, loudly: JINKIES!

Jinkies? Really? Really, Carla? 😆

In other news, my godmother is about the same, except her oxygen went up which is great. She might be a little delirious though, because she thinks she gets to go home Friday. If anything, she might be in there for months. If she lives. 😞

Had my second therapy appointment with my new therapist, who I tentatively like, even though she makes me super nervous. I had mom come in with me to explain some shit like why I can’t do mornings, and my current peer support only comes in the fucking morning. She said she was going to try to get that changed. My peer support claimed I didn’t call her back today (I did. It went to voicemail.) and flat out said she’d be here between 9 and 10 tomorrow morning. I didn’t really get a say in it which kind of ticked me off. That’s when I should be getting precious sleep. I have a feeling I won’t get much tonight.

Inspections start on the 20th I think and they’re doing it really weirdly this time, but I guess it makes it a little easier on me because it’s not 3 or 4 days in a row having to get up early and put clothes on and go back to sleep on the couch in case they come in the morning since they are spacing it out over a few weeks. Damn that’s a run-on sentence. Anyhow, I hope my building is chosen first.