Well, I did it. I cut off all my hair again. I just couldn’t take it anymore >.> I’m gonna dye it a really pale pink. I think I’ll use a color called “rose petal”. Or I might try to find “bubblehead” again. I really liked that one because my hair looked like cotton candy according to everyone else 😀

I’m trying so hard to draw again…I drew for maybe 30-40 mins this afternoon. I guess I should try to do at least 20 mins a day if I want to get my mojo back. I can’t seem to get faces right though…very annoying. Everything just looks kinda off.

I got a new peer support! I really like her. Her name is Ginger :3 We went out and had a good time today and she’s not a total hardass like my last one!

Anyhow…I’ve been watching a lot of Korean makeup tutorials on Youtube and it really makes me want to use makeup. I love how soft the style looks. I’m not really one for really dramatic and harsh looks. I guess I prefer neutrals and pastels. I like those gradient lips too. I’m also kind of addicted to those makeup transformation vids, like when the person TAKES OFF THEIR ENTIRE FACE. I mean the ones that use the tape to change the shape of their face and stuff. I probably wouldn’t use tape but it’s really impressive nonetheless how far people will go to look completely different, or look like how they envision themselves. I love watching those. It’s helpful to people who have small and hooded eyes too. I always want mine to look bigger and it drives me nuts. I am slowly amassing makeup, and I’m going to have mom’s beautician finish my permanent makeup for Christmas. I suck at eyebrows. So might as well just tattoo them on my face!