The new peer support is not working out. I just do not know how to get it through her or their heads that I DONT SLEEP AT NIGHT. Meaning that I am not up in the morning!! What is so hard to understand about that?? Even worse, I feel like they’re watching me like a hawk waiting for me to screw up somehow so they can discharge me again. At least I still have my individual support lady who can always come in the afternoon.

I had to cave and get cable again. It’s pathetic how I cant go without it. Anyhow I got really depressed and just caved. YouTube TV is shite. If it were more user friendly and had a decent interface I probably would have kept it.

I’m really having a hard time with losing my godmom, who was really more of an aunt, and that’s what I called her. I’ll just refer to her as aunt from now on. Her interment is October 15 in Chattanooga TN. Mom won’t let me go with her and dad and it really hurt my feelings. I wouldn’t go to the interment because I don’t do well at funerals or any kind of thing like that. I would have just stayed at the hotel room. But no, she said that would mess up her grieving or something like that which really confused me. Am I that annoying to her? I’m grieving too, you know. Guess my feelings on the issue don’t matter. /shrug