The place I get “therapy” and services (like peer support) from is thinking of dumping me because I’m not “making progress” on my diet and diabetes. Firstly, I don’t remember setting those goals with my therapist. I am supposed to pick my own goals, not them. If I did, I sure don’t remember. Diabetes should be between me and my family doctor. I don’t feel like getting harassed about it during so-called therapy. In any case, I am changing my fucking goals next time I talk to her. I have developed a dislike for my therapist because of this. Also, she won’t come to work and makes me get on Zoom for sessions, and I fuckin’ HATE ZOOM. It is not a good way for me to work. I can’t stay engaged and always get really sleepy. I need in-person therapy, like a regular fucking person. =_=; I did a lot better in that type of setting.

Lemme tell you…if I were to lose my peer support, I WILL wind up suicidal and back in the hospital. Peer support saved my fucking life. I give them all (except the shitty one) full credit for saving me. If they cut me loose, it will fuck up my life. They’re looking for reasons to cut people off lately, it’s happened to other people. One got cut off because they were grouchy and didn’t like their new peer support, who happened to be the one I couldn’t stand. Stupid.

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