OMG! I am rid of peer support girl! They are assigning me back to my previous person! I am so relieved.

Otherwise, I have to go to my normal doctor on Monday. This swollen lymph node and ear infection aren’t getting any better, even after being bombarded with drops, and two different antibiotics. If anything, it’s gotten worse. I’m really starting to worry about this. Mom thinks I have something called “TMJ” which happens when someone grinds their teeth too much, which I do, and it can lock your jaw shut. I’m hoping they’ll go ahead and x-ray my damn head or whatever because I’m getting sick of this.

She’s making me get a Covid test before I come in, which makes me really nervous. I’m not sick, but what if it comes back positive? I’d have to self-isolate for two weeks and that would wreak havoc on my mental health and I might actually wind up in the hospital again. So yeah. It’s not that easy or simple for some people.