Well, I went out with peer support girl today, entirely against my will… I was in pain because of the swollen lymph node in my jaw and was grumpy and tired. We went to eat someplace even though she obviously doesn’t like taking me to eat. We got into a small argument over me getting an alcoholic drink, she said I couldn’t because of company rules and I commented that that is stupid, but I didn’t get my drink. Anyhow after a back and forth, I wound up telling her she’s not as fun as previous girl and she said “I’m NOT previous girl” and I said “I KNOW.” Then she was like “Be miiiiiiindful of your speeeech” and I said “Oh God, with the MINDFUL again. Here we goes.” and put my head in my hands because FUCK she’s annoying. She got all weepy and I was like Oh God, whatever I don’t care anymore.

Things calmed down from there. Also mom had spoken to her about the handwashing thing and she said she would wash them, but I don’t really care now because she’s getting switched. She can go be nasty in someone else’s house.

Also she has the worst taste in music I have ever heard. Boring as fuck. I can’t stand when she has the music on in her car, she listens to Youtube playlists and I never know what horrible thing will come on next. It’s like Russian roulette.

I just do not deal well with overly sensitive people. I really don’t. It may sound like I’m the mean one, but YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS PERSON.

I should also mention I have never had a problem with any of my past peer supports, and I’ve had a bunch over the years. She’s the only one.