So I’m going to be moving my illust + photography to I bought this domain to use as a site about *me*. Kind of a vanity project. I know that seems…vain. But I don’t care 😀 haha Hopefully I can get back at some point, I owned it YEARS ago but someone else got it and the domain isn’t showing up so maybe it will expire soon.

New site


I registered it yesterday and was very excited to make a layout. I went with a Hagaren theme. I really like it! I’m not always that good with graphics but I feel I’m getting better at it. I’ve been making websites for 20 years and shockingly never delved too deep in what I could do with Photoshop. I kind of did the basic stuff that I understood. XD *lazy* But now I’m learning.

Anyhow, that will be the home of all my shrines and tributes. I’m resurrecting old and dead shrines that I had a loooong time ago, and making new ones 😀

I used to have this clique, back in 2003-ish called “Ninin Naruto” and you could join and list your Naruto OTP. It had hundreds of members. I wish I could resurrect that one but no one would join, because people just don’t do that stuff anymore because the internet is too centralized. I miss the old days when Facebook, Instagram and Twitter didn’t exist, everyone had a Livejournal and having your own domain was really popular and people actually visited your sites and signed your guestbook and joined your fanlistings. I miss the de-centralized internet.

I don’t think I’m adjusting well enough to living by myself. I’m not *scared* or anything, but it’s hard to deal with some things. I won’t get into it.

I am meeting with the owners of a brand new apartment complex tomorrow. It’s so new that no one lives there yet, and they aren’t taking applications until tomorrow. This place has a lot of problems and lacks amenities that I need. I’m checking this place out because, like I said, it’s totally new. Only problem is, it’s 25 minutes away. I have a problem with not seeing one of my parents every day. I get really lonely if I don’t see *someone*. So basically I’ve only lived here for about two weeks and I might be moving again O_O This stresses me out! But it would be nice to have fans, overhead lights in the living room and dishwasher/washer/dryer etc. My air conditioner already died once here. The people aren’t terribly friendly either, but I don’t like people much so I wasn’t planning on socializing with them anyways. XD

I’m supposed to be getting “individual support” from A Caring Alternative again, who knows when that will start. That’s a person who is supposed to help you out with stuff and take you grocery shopping or just take you places. The last one I had, I swear to God, didn’t like me. O_O I’m generally a really nice person and just about everyone I meet SEEMS to like me or at least have a good impression, so that was really weird for me. I’m not used to having someone not like me…honestly, I think she’s in the wrong line of work :/ Her personality doesn’t fit the job. I’m praying for a better one this time. I don’t care if it’s a guy or a girl. I used to be really against having a male peer support/individual support, but ever since I got Mike (he helps with the housing) I feel more OK to have a guy. I’m pretty comfortable with Mike, which did surprise me since I’m a little skittish around men. I don’t dislike them, I’m just shy I guess.

I’ve mostly been sitting on my butt watching Live PD, Cops or Jeopardy. I’m hoping to get back into drawing, there’s just not a lot of space to do it here.