I’m all moved in to my new place! I still have to unpack a lot though. It feels weird being alone, so I’m glad when my parents come over. They mainly come over to help me do stuff (like putting furniture together etc) so once I get everything done, they won’t be here as much and I kind of dread that. I am a lot more relaxed than I was, however. The stress of CONSTANTLY being around them and having no privacy or control of my own space is over.

Friend update: Haven’t spoken to her in almost two weeks O_o Due to her not having a phone or wifi. I wish she’d get in touch with our mutual friend and send me a message or something. I fear she’s backsliding and isn’t going to keep the progress she was making. She went back to abusive guy too, which elicited giant eyerolls from me and our other friend. Her excuse was her job which she just started. What’s more important, your mental health or a job which can be replaced? =_=;;;;;