Month: October 2019

Song Of The Day: Any Given Sin – Another Life

I’ve been listening to “new” hard rock lately. I’ve discovered I like a lot of it!

Song Of The Day: Adelita’s Way – What It Takes

Recently discovered Adelita’s Way ­čśÇ

Song Of The Day: Lothl├│rien – Dans En Dro

Lovely Celtic folk tune.

Song Of The Day: Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust

One of my favs!

Song Of The Day: The Smithereens – Blood & Roses

Been trying to remember to post this one. It’s great!

OOoo I got a new domain for my main fanlisting collective! It won’t work until my host sets it up of course. I hope she will do it later today. ­čÖé

Sadly I’m probably going to have to let go after this year. It just renewed the other day for over friggin $50! Which is ridiculous. =_=

Song Of The Day: S U R V I V E – Hourglass

I heard this song in a movie, forgot the name but it was pretty good!

Song Of The Day: Asian Kung Fu Generation – N.G.S.

Best Ajikan song ­čÖé

Song Of The Day: Kovenant – Spaceman

Great song I used to listen to a lot!

Had an awesome day yesterday with 2 great friends. I also got my favorite sushi ­čÖé Hehe

I’m very proud of my friend for completely breaking it off with stupid abusive druggie guy. *thumbs up*