I had so much fun Saturday 😀 My two friends and I went to a Chinese/Japanese place I had never been to and I tried three different types of sushi that I’ve never had before (not until after I pulled the little sliver of cucumber out though lol) and they were super good.

She got into the housing program, I’m so proud of how she is doing, even though she did go back to stay with that stupid abusive druggie guy, because she really had no place else to go I guess. He’s supposed to be clean but I don’t believe it. Eh. Eventually she won’t be living with him anymore. 🙂 Lmao I glared at him so hard when we dropped her off.

Otherwise, I’ve been looking so hard for the damned Hallowe’en cups that Wal-Mart is supposed to have this year. I saw several people on my Facebook horror groups had gotten them. The most shocking thing is there’s a Pinhead cup! Also Freddy, Jason and maybe Chucky. Wal-Mart also has an exclusive CHATTERER Funko Pop O___O I never realized Wal-Mart had Hellraiser stuff?! Well, I’m going to try to find it. Wish me luck.

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