Me: *lying in bed watching ghost videos*
Video: *shows particularly horrifying ghost*
Me, loudly: JINKIES!

Jinkies? Really? Really, Carla? 😆

In other news, my godmother is about the same, except her oxygen went up which is great. She might be a little delirious though, because she thinks she gets to go home Friday. If anything, she might be in there for months. If she lives. 😞

Had my second therapy appointment with my new therapist, who I tentatively like, even though she makes me super nervous. I had mom come in with me to explain some shit like why I can’t do mornings, and my current peer support only comes in the fucking morning. She said she was going to try to get that changed. My peer support claimed I didn’t call her back today (I did. It went to voicemail.) and flat out said she’d be here between 9 and 10 tomorrow morning. I didn’t really get a say in it which kind of ticked me off. That’s when I should be getting precious sleep. I have a feeling I won’t get much tonight.

My godmother is very, very sick. She’s got COVID pneumonia in not one, but BOTH lungs. It’s not known whether or not she will pull through. She’s a vibrant, colorful 71 year old woman, and my moms best friend. I’m very worried and wish she had gotten vaccinated. I don’t know why she didn’t. Mom was so upset when she got a text saying it was in both lungs.

Fuck this virus.

On a slightly lighter note, I found a beautiful framed photo of the NYC skyline at night. The WTC is in the photo and I was so happy to see that. It must be over 20 years old then. It’s actually pretty big. Got it for $5.

Can’t believe it’s been 20 years.


Inspections start on the 20th I think and they’re doing it really weirdly this time, but I guess it makes it a little easier on me because it’s not 3 or 4 days in a row having to get up early and put clothes on and go back to sleep on the couch in case they come in the morning since they are spacing it out over a few weeks. Damn that’s a run-on sentence. Anyhow, I hope my building is chosen first.

Saw a trashnado in a Walmart parking lot. It was a bunch of papers and candy wrappers flying in circles. I thought one was a huge red butterfly, but no, it was probably a king sized KitKat wrapper.

Went to Barnes & Noble and got the new Junji Ito release, Sensor, the first volume of Devilman and a couple how to draw books. I really need to stop buying those but it’s like an addiction at this point, I really want to draw again and for whatever reason I think that will help me somehow 😅

Got the crappy news from the property manager that they typically don’t move people from one apartment to another unless there’s a medical reason. So I probably can’t get switched to a one bedroom to lower my rent. I was really hoping that would work out for me. I guess I really do need to start looking elsewhere but I really like it here, so that sucks.

I’m happy to say that Oscar is all better. I hear a sneeze once in a while but that’s normal 😊 So glad he’s not miserable anymore.

Oscar had his vet appointment today. Thankfully it’s allergies, not pneumonia. He got a steroid shot and I can already see an improvement. Unfortunately his fat ass hasn’t lost any more weight, so I had to get the expensive food again. 😅

I had an appointment with my new therapist today and I like her. I think she expects a lot more out of me than Sally did, which makes me nervous. My new peer support girl only comes in the friggin morning. Therapist says she will try to get me someone who comes in the afternoon. I’m also worried that the therapist supervisor, even though she was wrong, will be extra hard and critical of me and will try to get back at me for fighting back against her decision to drop me. I’m still sad about JoAnna, who was my previous peer support that I had a very good relationship with, being gone. I’ll really miss her because I think she was the only one who really “got” me. I keep hoping that after all her problems are resolved she might possibly be able to get her job back. I know it’s a reach but I’m hoping. There’s always a tiny sparkle of hope, you know? Even I can see that.

Oscar is sick and really needs to go to the vet for a checkup. He is sneeting and coughing and hacking and a few nights ago he sneeted two big globs of snot onto my bed. Gag. But I’m seriously worried about him, what if he has kitty COVID? 😕 I know he must be miserable. It’s all dependent on my mom to get him an appointment and take him, and I’ve been asking her to do that for a week.

I get my hair cut tomorrow! Not short short, but to makes the back the same length as the front because I do not desire to have a mullet. Then I’m going to get it chemically straightened. 👍

Well, that’s all I have to say. Off to bed 😊

What is my upstairs neighbor doing? Herding cattle? Dropping bowling balls? I MUST KNOW!

I am back and reinstated at ACA (mental health place)!! I actually went to the CEO of the company and she realized I was done dirty and helped me out. So thank you, nice CEO lady! I am very happy with this outcome!

Anyhow, Monday was…interesting. An earthquake, a tornado and flooding at the same time. I somehow slept through the earthquake but mom said it sounded like an explosion. Kind of wish I could have experienced it 🤔

I’m going to do something completely out of character and make a political comment. I am super glad I didn’t vote for the dessicated old pervert currently in office, considering what he’s done in Afghanistan. I really have no words for the situation other than a feeling of utter disgust and disbelief. And that’s all I’m gonna say on the matter.

The property manager, Tracey, has once again faked me out about inspections O_o He was supposed to have them last month, but obviously he did not. I just want them to get it over with. I found it kind of miserable the last time.

Mom’s going to call Partners (ACA’s parent company) to see if they can somehow intervene with this bullshit. I have a list of things I want to tell them about how messed up this all is. Maybe they’ll have mercy, I dunno. I hope so.

I found a cute Ike (Fire Emblem) plushie at Red Fox Gaming. They have a Misato Katsuragi figure I want but I’ll have to wait until next month I guess. I also found a Pikachu Funko Pop which is different than the other Pika pop I have. This one looks so pissed off and adorable XD

And that’s all. That’s all you get to read about my super interesting life. Going to bed 🙂