Me & Mom saw Sally the other day, she was just as useless as always. 😐 None of this process has been fair. It’s all a load of bullshit.

Fuck her in the ear.

I went to city hall to turn off my cable, and I have to take all the boxes off the TVs and take them back there. I’ll never get rid of it, I swear. I had to build up the courage to go that time! Not having cable kinda scares me tbh. I have a very particular way things need to be. However, since the rent increase I just can’t afford their ridiculous prices.

And I have to find another place to live now. WHat a pain in the ass…

Another thing happened. My peer support, the one I really like and have a good relationship with, got arrested for child abuse (negligent child abuse with bodily harm to be specific) and her new boyfriend apparently beat the shit out of the almost five year old kid, so bad he had to be transferred to another hospital that provided better care. He’s autistic and nonverbal so he can’t just tell what happened. I really don’t think she did anything or intentionally LET her boyfriend hurt him. I know her better than that, she really loves her son and wouldn’t let someone hurt him on purpose. In any case, she was fired from her job. I had been texting her all weekend and she never answered, so I got it in my head that she was mad at me or something until mom sent me a link to an article. She had been in jail that whole time, so obviously she couldn’t answer.

Well….that’s been the events of the week so far.

I have to see Sally tomorrow at 3, with mom there. I’m basically going there to get MORE bad news. I’m sure of it.

I really don’t want to go…

Oscar is horking up more hairballs. I don’t know why the fuck this is happening. I stepped on another one today. Maybe he doesn’t like his new food, I dunno.

EDIT: Oh God this made me tear up

Tomorrow is mom’s birthday. I ordered her some fancy gourmet cookies from Amazon 😀 I really hope she likes them! Also we are going to Olive Garden for her birthday which I am super excited about. I love Olive Garden 😀

Oscar horked up a hairball and I stepped in it and screamed for like 30 seconds straight. It was a sensory nightmare. He NEVER has hairballs. It was so wet and squishy…

My apartment complex is having inspections AGAIN this month. It’s only been three months since the last one. I had mom’s friend come in and do a deep clean of my apartment. I don’t know what’s going on in the mind of our property manager, he’s just got some pent up shit in him because he couldn’t inspect for a whole year due to the CovAIDS. I think it drove him bonkers or something O_o

Anyhow…I gotta start searching for a new place to live soon because of the rent increase. I’m barely making it. I run out of money before the end of the month almost all the time. I’m not a super great budget-er but it isn’t all my fault. >_>;


I’m back from vacation since yesterday. I had a pretty good time! I was right though, the power did go out the first night. I just fucked around on my phone until it came back on at 2am.

Me and mom got along really well. I don’t know why there’s such a difference because of where we are. Honestly I think she acts more….sane on vacation. We went shopping two mornings in a row and had a really good time, even though it was like being in an oven. I got a number of items featuring sea turtles, which I have become very fond of over time. I also have become a fridge magnet whore, and bought like five of those. I dunno, since I got my own fridge, I want to put stuff on it.

I was very surprised and happy to find there was a Miyabi’s down there. Of course we went. It was delicious. *_*

We went to Savannah and honestly it was kind of a bust. It’s a great city, no doubt, but we failed to make reservations at a restaurant and they were all full with crazy wait times. They only let me go in one store, which is where I got all my fridge magnets…I wanted to go to more but they wanted to eat first.

We ate at some interesting places. The second night was a place called Bubba Gumbo’s. I can imagine the sanitation rating was probably shit (there was a bug in my cocktail) but the food was delicious. So…lol

It turns out Paula Deen has a restaurant called Paula Deen’s Creek House down there. We actually went there twice, because it was pretty good. When I think of Paula Deen, I think of BUTTER. Ironically the place ran out of butter the first time we went.

First thing I did when I got home was pick up my cat. I missed him so much. It was weird being around people all week and then suddenly being alone again O_o

Lucky me, my AC died last night. It was 76° in here. Hot as balls. It seems to be fixed now but I’m still a little nervous. Well that’s my update. Going to bed now!

I dreamt that eating ketchup caused rabies. What even…

I saw my therapist with mom today and got bad news…they can’t find another agency that provides peer support that serves the county I live in. I’m basically screwed for at least a year. After a year, I can get back on their waiting list to be re-admitted. I was standing with mom on the sidewalk and could not stop crying. A guy came up and offered me a bottle of water, probably because it’s hot out and I was looking distressed. I guess not everyone sucks! People don’t always show kindness like that.

I’m just scared I’ll wind up back in the hospital.

I leave for the beach tomorrow morning! I’m so fricken excited! I’m hoping being there will make me feel a lot better.

Hurricanes Blow pt 2

So, stupid Elsa is hitting Tybee the day we’re going. We’re going anyhow, I don’t think a volcanic eruption could stop us at this point. We’re all so starved of vacation that we don’t really give a shit. The winds won’t be too high anyhow. I mean it’s enough to take out the power, but not really any serious damage. It should pass through in a day. Still pisses me off though. Never had to worry about this crap in the past!

Anyhoo. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my hair girl to get WAXED! No more leg hair! I’m also having her wax my underarms and chin (stupid PCOS lol) so I will be nice and hairless for the beach. Also getting my eyebrows done, and a mani-pedi. I wish I could say I’m getting a haircut but I am trying to grow it out. It’s hard to get through this time of year without a haircut, at least for me. I get so hot and sweaty and a haircut just feels so good. I must stick it out though. When it’s long enough for a real ponytail I’ll be satisfied.

hurricanes blow.

I really hope this stupid hurricane (What’s it’s name? Elsa?) doesn’t fuck up the vacation I’ve waited four or five years for. I hope the tropical storm behind it fucks off to the sea or wherever. I got run out by a cat 4/5 hurricane last time I went on vacation. If that happens again I swear I’m just going to snap. I need to get out of here, for my mental health. I haven’t actually relaxed in God knows how long.

Some people are just so rude! If you don’t like me for whatever reason, just say it. Stop being passive-aggressive and ignoring me.

I might get to go swimming tomorrow! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I got to swim? It’s been a while!

Anyhow, I’ve decided to cut the cord. No more cable. I’m going with Youtube TV since it has all the channels I want and is reasonably priced. I have a Roku now so it’s easy to switch back and forth between stuff. Waiting for the first of the month to order it so my payment due date will always be then. I hate when money comes out of my account towards the end of the month.

I have been getting super dizzy when I stand up. It’s nothing new, but it’s gotten a lot worse in the last month or so.

I’m so stressed out, all I wanna do is sleep or lie in bed watching videos on my phone. Next month is gonna suck so hard money-wise. At least Joanna comes tomorrow so hopefully I can get out and have a little fun.

Counting down the days until I leave for the beach. Hurry up, July 7th!

I hate Compas Cable. They have a monopoly on low income communities especially and are able to charge ridiculous prices for an inferior product, and people will pay because they really have no choice, unless they want to go without TV.

Now, they decided to go all digital and if you want all the TVs in your house to work (I have 2) you have to get a digital box for it, and you have to pay for it every month. So that adds more onto my freaking bills.

Honestly I’m going through a rough period and everything is pissing me off in grand fashion. Blow me, world.