Ugh, I couldn’t sleep last night. My face was so itchy and I kept getting too warm. I slept for a while but woke up at 12pm sweating like a pig and having auditory hallucinations. That’s how my day started out >_< I felt so gross from all the sweating, but I'm all showered and squeaky clean now so I feel a lot better. Still.....blah. Did I mention they never did the apartment inspections? It's been over a month since they should have inspected us. I don't know when they might pop up and I am nerrrrvousss. I have a feeling it had something to do with a notice I got in my door towards the end of October stating that one of the workers/maintenance people had been exposed to someone with the CovAIDS, and they were doing a complementary cleaning of the apartments that person had been in...mine wasn't one of them. But after that, I never heard another word about inspections.


Last night, I had dinner at my parents. Dad took me home, and on the way, called some of the music I like (80s pop) “boyband crap” and said one of my favorite artists “sounds like a little bitch”. I don’t know what his problem is but he gets really hateful sometimes and I don’t like to be around him when he’s like that, he’s so freakin’ negative. I was annoyed so I just shut my mouth and laid my head back until we got to my house.

Today I was having a nice day with mom, and then she brings it up. She said I offended him or hurt his precious feels or some shit. Has he no self awareness?! He was being a jagoff, and mom acts like only his fee-fees mattered. /rolls eyes/ She’ll do anything to avoid upsetting him. He never gets the blame for anything he does.

This is the guy that made fun of me when I thought I was having a stroke. I had already had one suspected mini-stroke, so it wasn’t a wild assumption. She defended him then as well. I’ve never felt so alone.

I know it’s dumb, but it really pissed me off.

Listening to: My Dying Bride – The Cry of Mankind

I might have a car soon 😀 My parents’ neighbors have one for sale and Dad’s trying to get him to go down on the price. My uncle also bought a clunker for $1500, that I might try to buy off him if this doesn’t work out. I really want one that can drive a good distance though.

Oscar has pneumonia in one lung. The vet only caught it because they were doing another procedure and he hacked up puss when the tube went in. He could have died. I honestly thought he had allergies because he’s always been that way. How the hell long has he had this? Why didn’t I know something was wrong? Am I a bad pet parent or what? 😢

He got a shot and is coming home today. The vet said he was a very sick kitty. I feel terrible. *kicks self*


I’m looking into getting Lasik eye surgery. I am legally blind, can’t wear contacts, and glasses are just a friggin’ annoyance. I’ve been waiting for this since Lasik came out and I finally have the money. It’s way more expensive than I thought but I’m excited 😀

Try to do something nice, get rejected. Story of my life.


I’m trying to settle in to this new place. I have some residual anxiety that’s keeping me from totally enjoying it. Did I mention how much I loathe unpacking? I can’t find shit.

Honestly my day hasn’t started off well and I’m super grouchy.

It always amazes me how people will tell you they like you, that you’re their your friend, and then drop you like a sack of potatoes. And don’t even have the guts to tell you in person.


I move next Thursday. My back is killing me so I’m having a really difficult time packing all this shit. Thankfully I have some help. I’ll post some pics of my new place for the 0 people who read this blog 😀